Vive les mariés! (hourra for the married couple)

We had the chance to design a wedding cake and pastries buffet for a wonderful couple recently, and are so glad of the result : they loved the cake, we were delighted with the adventure and we have beautiful pictures of the process, made by the blogger Stephanie (check her great blog about food in NYC!).

Conclusion #1 : pears-vanilla cake-chocolate feuilletine-pistachio are now a combination that we love.

Conclusion #2 : we discovered that yes, we can work with flowers decoration.

Conclusion #3 : we want to make more wedding cakes!


picture by Stephanie (


picture by Stephanie (


picture by Stephanie (


The spirit of chocolate

It took us a week to come back here and tell about the Afternoon of Chocolate and Cocktails at Astor Wines. Let’s say we were recovering for a joy hangover!

First, what was the story behind the event? We contacted Astor Wines to offer them to collaborate on their tasting classes. And their immediate answer was to offer us to be part of their event during the Manhattan Cocktail Classic show : they were just recruiting pastry chefs. That day, we felt held by Miss Luck herself : “Boum, a gift for you, girls!”

The deal was presented like this in the email :

” 10 pastry chefs, 10 spirits brands, 5 bartenders, and 1 chocolate producer for a celebration of chocolate and spirits in a walk-around tasting of 10 different creations developed by pastry chefs to pair with one of the spirits as well as 10 signature cocktails”


And then started the process of creation of the the Saint-Trop’, a mini Saint-Honoré, made of a chou garnished with pineapple crémeux, sitting on top of Dulcey blond chocolate cream, diuja and a little shortbread.


Some stress preceded the event. But that day was amazing : we met great pastry chefs (1), tasted lovely desserts and pastries (we found inspiration in some of them), and delicious cocktails of course. A perfect way to celebrate our first anniversary!

Now, the pictures:





And more pictures of the rest of the event here by The Wandering Eater!

(1) Some of the pastry chefs were Stephanie Kopyta, Perilla & Kin Shop, Emily Wallendjack, Kingswood, Christina Lee, Recette, Peter Endriss, Runner & Stone, Francois Payard, FP Patisserie, Dorie & Joshua Greenspan, Beurre & Sel and Mark Sopchak, Whimsy & Spice.

Ready for the galette des rois!


Because both of us at Pistache love the tradition—and above all, puff pastry and almond cream—we were eager to make Pistache’s galette des rois (the “kings cake”). And time is coming!
In France, the large crispy, creamy, golden pie is eaten for the Epiphany, on the sixth day of the new year: a traditional celebration of the arrival of the Biblical Magi charged with presents for newborn Jesus.


At home and at the office, everybody gets one, two, three slices of the tart, looking for the little porcelain figure hidden in the middle of it. The one who finds it becomes queen or king of the day, gets a crown and has to choose her/his king/queen among the guests. Not to mention that the kids love it.


So enjoy the tradition and be prepared for some flaky crumbs: preorder one of our galettes des rois!

They’ll be available in different sizes (4, 6 and 8 persons), plain or with pistachios, of course. (Our puff pastry will be made with butter only; we use organic flour, eggs and milk).


The prices are  :

for 4 persons plain : 26 $    with pistachios : 28 $
for 6 persons plain : 32 $    with pistachios : 34 $
 for 8 persons plain : 38 $    with pistachios : 40 $

The good news is that we will deliver it for free to you (Manhattan, Brooklyn and Queens) from Friday to Monday, from January 6 to the end of the month. So contact us anytime to preorder, by email ( or phone (646 207 9390 / 646 477 7244)

While you wait for the celebration, have a wonderful holiday time!

Noémie and Christine

Georgia’s, Reborn in a Bundt!


Last week, my American “uncle-in-love” from New Jersey ordered a pound cake (along with red-velvet and chocolate cakes) from Pistache.

His late grandma Georgia (the great-grandma of my husband) left behind a treasured recipe for a pound cake that everyone wanted to taste again for Thanksgiving dessert. Pistache was charged with the duty of allowing enjoying to enjoy grandma Georgia’s “madeleine.”

The task was pas de problème: Pistache just loves simple cakes made with very good ingredients. We use organic products as much as we can (with European-style butter), and, of course, the Pistache method…et voilà!

A very long baking (90 minutes) in our special Bundt pan allowed a perfect cooking and delivered this great, beautifully moisturized pound cake with a crispy crust.

And so Georgia’s is (re)born!

Happy Thanksgiving!

Le Pistache’s lunch


It is a cultural cliché to consider that French people spend two hours having lunch on a regular working day. Everybody imagine them leaving office to go sit down in a restaurant, napkin around the neck, getting a full menu (appetizer, entrée, cheese, dessert, coffee, mignardises), laughing and pouring wine to their collegues…


When American workers would have a sandwich on the corner of their desk.

None of this is true. At least, French people take one hour only, and don’t really have cheese AND dessert for lunch anymore. On the other hand, New Yorkers can now switch to quiche, vegetable tarts, and a tray of desserts that would make the Parisians jealous.

See : Pistache recently catered a lunch for the Blogcademy, a week-end long workshop for bloggers who wanted to upgrade their online activity. A fun and working mood, serious and friendly (we could have stayed for the “class”) : great to observe and to be a part of.

On the menu that day : quiches lorraines, quiches fig-goat cheese, autumn tarts (with our handmade puff pastry) served with a salad, then myriads of sweets : petits fours (chou Brest, chocolate cake on the rocks, cheesecake blueberry-pistachio, raspberry bouchée) and macarons (coconut-lime, caramel-banana). Enough to have a long lunch break without noticing it. Easy.




Contact us for more informations, if you want us to cater your lunch. We also gather breakfast baskets and brunch menus! 

We are back!

It has been a long time, a long silence. A long summer, busy on a side, restful on the other.

And now we are back, Pistache is back. A lot of things happened during that time, especially during last weeks.

Most recently, we participated to the great Omnivore World Tour food festival. Providing two desserts : a chou tropical for their dinner at the Dekalb Market (previously presented here), and a pistachio cheesecake for their closing party the day after.

The opportunity for us to meet wonderful Michelin starred chef, French from France and San Francisco : Alexandre Couillon, Dominique Crenn and Christophe Dufau.

Their work is very impressive and inspiring. And during the dinner, we were surely in “our little shoes” (french for “to feel five inch tall”) when waiting for our time to send the desserts. But what an excitement (let’s say : some adrenaline in our legs, arms, hands and fingers) when our time came to plate 50 (60? we don’t even remember!) choux tropicaux with their pineapple and pistachio garnish in less than 5 (10?) minutes!


the chou tropical, served at Omnivorious’s dinner last week-end

The day after was the one of the cheesecake : 80 little bites of a pistachio-blueberry cake delivered for the public of the festival’s closing party. The guests, cool crowd, sun and blue sky, good music were delighted/delightful. And we kind of liked the idea of making people happy with a creamcheese’s pastry a few steps away from the landmark of the landmarks : Junior’s…


Photo Nadia Chaudhury

Merci Omnivore for trusting us! As a bonus, a little video summing up the event :

And a mention on the events magazine Biz Bash, houra!


And before that Omnivore’s week-end came an other huge challenge. We catered a birthday’s party, Upstate New York. A dreamlike site, a demanding task, fine palates guests.

A stunning barn in the Catskills as a set for our catered dinner.

Our mission : to provide hors d’oeuvres, vegetable sides during dinner and, of course, desserts for 65 persons. To make a long story short : a lot of stress the day before, a maybe mindless shopping journey ending with a car overload with food, a long -but fun- trip to the countryside in the aforsaid car, then a previous night of prepping, cooking, rolling, baking, tasting, chopping, bowling, cutting, folding, sleeping (wait! no, not sleeping), and the biggest rush ever, a few hours before the dinner. The evening went on ultra fast, of course. The menu?

Buffet of cheese plate and hors d’oeuvres :
shrimps wrapped in kadaif shreds  + roe whipped cream
assortment of clothpins attached hors d’oeuvres (beets garnished with trout-cucumber-hazelnut tartare, apple with almond-coriander-cilantro, daikon radish with goat cheese and cumin)

Watermelon-ginger-lime chilled soup

Sides for a roasted lamb and a smoked salmon :
Iranian rice with herbs
zucchini tagliatelles with garlic chips, parmesan and preserved lemon
stuffed onions
mushrooms papillottes (parcels).
In the Mason jars :  pickled mustard seeds, pickled corn, plum chutney, pistachio relish
“Trou normand”, as a palate cleanser : rosé wine and strawberry syrup granita.

Then finally, as a cherry-bonus : three Pistache’s Red Velvet Cakes. They were definitely the kind of desserts that make your eyes open wide and your mouth craving for a slice. The guests loved them. A sweet closing for our tough night.



The red velvet cakes, one more time!

And above all, two wonderful waiters, Flore and Robert, who were the pillars of a non-easy service.

Thank you so much, Flore and Robert

Conclusion : a lot of lessons for the future, a night that was like a debutantes’s ball wearing tight shoes (again). But the feeling that we will love to do it  again, so be ready to see more of these stories on this blog.

Pistache loves traditional American pastries (and enjoys baking them too!)

The first time I (Christine) ever saw a red velvet cake, my eyes almost popped out.

Why would a cake be this color if there’s no red fruit in it? What was the point?

I tasted it with my lips curled in skepticism, and was not impressed.

A few years later, I found myself facing this devil cake for the second time at a sweet little angel’s first birthday party, and I finally understood what it takes for red velvet cakes to be delicious: moistness and a very good frosting.

This is what Pistache offers–a beautiful, soft and tasty red velvet cake (with a little French secret pinch to it) and voilà!

Pistache’s red velvet cake…

There is another typical American cake which (this time) I fell in love with at first taste: the famous New York cheesecake!

I first tried one at Junior’s, and wanted more and more and…

Pistache is baking a fabulous cheesecake with a pastry-crisp crust, enhanced with the amazing taste of Muscovado sugar.

We are pleased to tell you that you can order these wonderful cakes ; click here for further details.


… and Pistache’s cheesecake!

Pistache loves chouquettes. And some other people do too

Last saturday at the Dekalb Market, we added on the table a bowl of mini chouquettes, these little balls of choux pastry covered with pearl sugar that are sold in every bakery in France. They are light, easy to eat gulp down, and usually, French chouquettes’ lovers would buy a paper bag of them after school or after work, and would empty it before being arrived at home. Obviously, our New Yorkers visitors agreed last saturday, and we sold out very quickly our cones. Would the chouquette be the new macaron ?


Our biggest chouquettes’ fan!

Macarons: the Spring-Summer Collection (Christine)

Pistache may have long missed out on Fashion Week, but our Spring-Summer Collection of fruity macarons will arrive just in time for the upcoming DeKalb Market of downtown Brooklyn! (Join us there on Saturday, June 16 — at 138 Willoughby Street near Flatbush Avenue in Fort Greene.)

The macaron has always remained one of my favorite French sweets. No matter the flavor, these meringue-based confections are all pretty as precious jewelry: colorful, tasty, one-bite delights. Personally, I always feel nervous while baking them. The process is constantly delicate and temperamental.

I can never just do whatever I want with them; macarons require heavy amounts attention, patience and Zen calm. When done right, a macaron might actually cooperate and spread its famous foot (its “smooth, domed-top, ruffled circumference”…merci, Wikipedia!) while baking. A macaron without a foot is not a macaron!

Such a haute couture dessert deserves its own collection, and summertime is the perfect season to play around with fruity flavors. Lemon will bring a tart freshness to the tongue; the subtlety of our strawberry macarons is enlivened thanks to their rhubarb hearts; and our scrumptious vanilla-olive oil macarons will surprise!

Pistache will be adding more flavors to this delectable 2012 Spring-Summer Collection in the weeks to come, even some unexpected savory macarons. Miam-miam!