Georgia’s, Reborn in a Bundt!


Last week, my American “uncle-in-love” from New Jersey ordered a pound cake (along with red-velvet and chocolate cakes) from Pistache.

His late grandma Georgia (the great-grandma of my husband) left behind a treasured recipe for a pound cake that everyone wanted to taste again for Thanksgiving dessert. Pistache was charged with the duty of allowing enjoying to enjoy grandma Georgia’s “madeleine.”

The task was pas de problème: Pistache just loves simple cakes made with very good ingredients. We use organic products as much as we can (with European-style butter), and, of course, the Pistache method…et voilà!

A very long baking (90 minutes) in our special Bundt pan allowed a perfect cooking and delivered this great, beautifully moisturized pound cake with a crispy crust.

And so Georgia’s is (re)born!

Happy Thanksgiving!


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