Le Pistache’s lunch


It is a cultural cliché to consider that French people spend two hours having lunch on a regular working day. Everybody imagine them leaving office to go sit down in a restaurant, napkin around the neck, getting a full menu (appetizer, entrée, cheese, dessert, coffee, mignardises), laughing and pouring wine to their collegues…


When American workers would have a sandwich on the corner of their desk.

None of this is true. At least, French people take one hour only, and don’t really have cheese AND dessert for lunch anymore. On the other hand, New Yorkers can now switch to quiche, vegetable tarts, and a tray of desserts that would make the Parisians jealous.

See : Pistache recently catered a lunch for the Blogcademy, a week-end long workshop for bloggers who wanted to upgrade their online activity. A fun and working mood, serious and friendly (we could have stayed for the “class”) : great to observe and to be a part of.

On the menu that day : quiches lorraines, quiches fig-goat cheese, autumn tarts (with our handmade puff pastry) served with a salad, then myriads of sweets : petits fours (chou Brest, chocolate cake on the rocks, cheesecake blueberry-pistachio, raspberry bouchée) and macarons (coconut-lime, caramel-banana). Enough to have a long lunch break without noticing it. Easy.




Contact us for more informations, if you want us to cater your lunch. We also gather breakfast baskets and brunch menus! pistachenyc@gmail.com 

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