Pistache loves traditional American pastries (and enjoys baking them too!)

The first time I (Christine) ever saw a red velvet cake, my eyes almost popped out.

Why would a cake be this color if there’s no red fruit in it? What was the point?

I tasted it with my lips curled in skepticism, and was not impressed.

A few years later, I found myself facing this devil cake for the second time at a sweet little angel’s first birthday party, and I finally understood what it takes for red velvet cakes to be delicious: moistness and a very good frosting.

This is what Pistache offers–a beautiful, soft and tasty red velvet cake (with a little French secret pinch to it) and voilà!

Pistache’s red velvet cake…

There is another typical American cake which (this time) I fell in love with at first taste: the famous New York cheesecake!

I first tried one at Junior’s, and wanted more and more and…

Pistache is baking a fabulous cheesecake with a pastry-crisp crust, enhanced with the amazing taste of Muscovado sugar.

We are pleased to tell you that you can order these wonderful cakes ; click here for further details.


… and Pistache’s cheesecake!


6 thoughts on “Pistache loves traditional American pastries (and enjoys baking them too!)

  1. Bonjour à toutes les deux ! Quelle différence de goût entre le sucre muscovado et la cassonade, s’il vous plaît ? Désolée pour ma question de béotienne. Le cheesecake et le red velvet sont somptueux ! Bravo et bisous.

    • Bonjour,

      Le muscovado a un gout plus prononc que la cassonade (un fort got de mlasse), un peu comme la rglisse. Ces grains sont aussi plus gros et collants, a ne se dissoud pas compltement et laisse des “tches” dans la pte sucrs. J’adore sont got cors ! merci!

      Le lundi 9 juillet 2012,

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