Macarons: the Spring-Summer Collection (Christine)

Pistache may have long missed out on Fashion Week, but our Spring-Summer Collection of fruity macarons will arrive just in time for the upcoming DeKalb Market of downtown Brooklyn! (Join us there on Saturday, June 16 — at 138 Willoughby Street near Flatbush Avenue in Fort Greene.)

The macaron has always remained one of my favorite French sweets. No matter the flavor, these meringue-based confections are all pretty as precious jewelry: colorful, tasty, one-bite delights. Personally, I always feel nervous while baking them. The process is constantly delicate and temperamental.

I can never just do whatever I want with them; macarons require heavy amounts attention, patience and Zen calm. When done right, a macaron might actually cooperate and spread its famous foot (its “smooth, domed-top, ruffled circumference”…merci, Wikipedia!) while baking. A macaron without a foot is not a macaron!

Such a haute couture dessert deserves its own collection, and summertime is the perfect season to play around with fruity flavors. Lemon will bring a tart freshness to the tongue; the subtlety of our strawberry macarons is enlivened thanks to their rhubarb hearts; and our scrumptious vanilla-olive oil macarons will surprise!

Pistache will be adding more flavors to this delectable 2012 Spring-Summer Collection in the weeks to come, even some unexpected savory macarons. Miam-miam!



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