Pistache loves chouquettes. And some other people do too

Last saturday at the Dekalb Market, we added on the table a bowl of mini chouquettes, these little balls of choux pastry covered with pearl sugar that are sold in every bakery in France. They are light, easy to eat gulp down, and usually, French chouquettes’ lovers would buy a paper bag of them after school or after work, and would empty it before being arrived at home. Obviously, our New Yorkers visitors agreed last saturday, and we sold out very quickly our cones. Would the chouquette be the new macaron ?


Our biggest chouquettes’ fan!


Thank you Dekalb!

We did it! The Dekalb Market test was great last saturday. Great welcoming, a lot of curiosity and compliments and, above all, everybody turned out to be very “gourmand” after a bite of Pistache’s goods…


Photograph taken by our friend Lloyd

Photograph taken by our friend Lloyd

Photograph taken by our friend Lloyd

Photograph taken by our friend Lloyd

And a great thank you to Grégoire, who brought his beautiful and delicious breads (black olives flutes, caramelized fennel and poppy seeds or walnut loaves…), they were a perfect complement for a certainly “frenchy” stand! Check his website : Maison Grey.

Thank you to all our visitors, friends on top. The second great news is that we will be back at the Dekalb on Saturday July 7th, come and invite people!

Getting ready for saturday!

As we announced it previously, Saturday June 16th is a big day for Pistache : we will have a stand at the Dekalb Market, in Brooklyn. Getting ready is a part of the excitement. A big part of it. And getting ready means…

… travelling all over Brooklyn to buy equipment and utensils in places that are our Ali Baba caverns, like Kerekes in Borough Park, THE wonderland of bakers (they carry almost everything). Or like The Green Village in Bushwick, a cluttered and dusty mess of riches where we spent hours and hours gathering the old-fashion plates and tableware to flatter Pistache’s traditional style.

treasures from the Green Village, in Bushwick

Running to Sunset Park to grab a heavy pack of cakes boxes and bringing it home by train wad kind of a venture too…

Spend an afternoon in Crown Heights to attend the auctions sale of a Jamaican bakery was kind of fascinating…

It means stepping in all the kitchenware stores on Bowery Street in Manhattan to find a cheap and good food container, load it with trays, hotel pans, tongs, and more utensils that make it way too heavy to carry it home.

It means discovering the unknown world of mass consumption, where a gigantic grocery cart is your coach to sugar and flour sold in 20 pounds bags, eggs by 50 pieces, or napkins by 1000…

It means making some unfortunate tests, without being discouraged…

It means having some relaxing manual labor and writing work…


It means that you should all come to say “Hi” this saturday, and grab some sweets and savory. This is our big jump, share it with us!

We will be there from 11 am to 7 pm. The Dekalb Market is located at 38 Willoughby Street (@Flatbush Ave), Brooklyn, NY 11201. Trains : B, Q, R to Dekalb Ave, A, C, F & R to Jay St. Metrotech.

This saturday, the Market also hosts a concert, from 3 pm to 9 pm. You might want to come a little earlier to skip the line and the crowd…

Macarons: the Spring-Summer Collection (Christine)

Pistache may have long missed out on Fashion Week, but our Spring-Summer Collection of fruity macarons will arrive just in time for the upcoming DeKalb Market of downtown Brooklyn! (Join us there on Saturday, June 16 — at 138 Willoughby Street near Flatbush Avenue in Fort Greene.)

The macaron has always remained one of my favorite French sweets. No matter the flavor, these meringue-based confections are all pretty as precious jewelry: colorful, tasty, one-bite delights. Personally, I always feel nervous while baking them. The process is constantly delicate and temperamental.

I can never just do whatever I want with them; macarons require heavy amounts attention, patience and Zen calm. When done right, a macaron might actually cooperate and spread its famous foot (its “smooth, domed-top, ruffled circumference”…merci, Wikipedia!) while baking. A macaron without a foot is not a macaron!

Such a haute couture dessert deserves its own collection, and summertime is the perfect season to play around with fruity flavors. Lemon will bring a tart freshness to the tongue; the subtlety of our strawberry macarons is enlivened thanks to their rhubarb hearts; and our scrumptious vanilla-olive oil macarons will surprise!

Pistache will be adding more flavors to this delectable 2012 Spring-Summer Collection in the weeks to come, even some unexpected savory macarons. Miam-miam!